We offer complete lawn and garden services.

Anything from grass cutting, to sod installation, to hedge pruning, we can take care of all of your property landscape maintenance needs in Leaside, Midtown Toronto and East York!

Keith and Christy Murton
Keith and Christy Murton /w their two dogs, Dakota and Sierra.

The ‘Kutting Krew’ first came about in 1991 when three Ryerson University students decided they needed money to pay for school. Each were majoring in Business Management and each living in different parts of Toronto. Originally, Kutting Krew covered a pretty vast area. Over time, the management style of the business between the three owners differed greatly and two owners decided to pursue other ventures.

Keith Murton became the sole owner and operator of the Kutting Krew, narrowing his region to Richmond Hill and Leaside. He started this business out of his parents basement, using the family station wagon and a Canadian Tire lawn mower. Keith’s hard work and strong family values (thanks Jack and Jean Murton) started paying off. After graduating from Ryerson University with a B. Comm. , marrying his wife (Christy), tons of loyal help from amazing employees and customers, he was able to purchase his first house. With all this history, Kutting Krew has evolved into the honest, hard working, reliable, price conscious business that it is today. Upgrading to better equipment (as he could afford it along the way) hasn’t hurt either.

Now with over 6 trucks on the road, we’re helping over 500 customers get their lawns in shape every year for the past 25 years!

Happy Customers

Each year throughout Midtown Toronto, Leaside, East York and Scarborough.


Keith started Kutting Krew Mowing Services in 1991 with two other guys as part of a business project at Ryerson University. The name of the company came from the popular music group in the 80′s. The tri-partnership lasted one season and was disbanded due to creative differences. Since Keith resided in Leaside (with his parents) throughout university, he decided to expand the business north and east from there. Now living in the St Clair / O’ Connor area, his advertisement is as it’s always been – basically word of mouth and occasional targeted flyer delivery. Keith’s other passion, real estate investment, grows every year and keeps him quite busy. He has a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson.


Christy met Keith in 1993 and quickly discovered their shared interest in financial management and Star Trek! They married in 1997, but she’s been a part of the Kutting Krew since 1994. In 1998, they bought their first investment property together, a cottage on Minden Lake in Haliburton. Christy had owned property prior (in the United States), but this was their first property together in Canada. A graduate of Ohio State (Go Bucks!) with her Bachelor of Science degree in Education, after many years of field service she has now moved on to mostly office management. In the off-season Keith and Christy enjoy travelling - during Winter 2018 they hit Asia and a couple of smaller trips south!


Garrett joined Kutting Krew 13 years ago! He quickly became an integral part of the company. Each year he puts his stamp on new projects which includes anything from Krew training to hedge manicuring. He also helps with landscape projects, planting, equipment maintenance and debris disposal. If anything above the ordinary is needed, Garrett is the one we rely on. With a true passion for sports (Go, Jays and Raptors!) of all kinds, and having taken journalism and business courses in University, Garrett hopes one day to run his own business. He hails from "The North" - Kenora, Ont. His nuptials to Leah took place in February, 2015 in The Dominican and is now a father to a beautiful baby girl and welcomed a second child, a boy, in 2018! Garrett is also successfully growing his snow removal business in Leaside, Rosedale & surrounding areas.


This year is CJ's 9th year here at Kutting Krew! He has been a great addition with renewed enthusiasm and an amazing work ethic. He is mostly responsible for grass maintenance and clean-up work. CJ got engaged this past year - congrats! When not working with the Krew, CJ is busy raising his two cats, Uno and Deuce, and spending time with his fiancé!


Joining us for his 8th year is Kyle! Extremely hard working and sporting expressive body art, Kyle is always willing to go that extra mile at work. We are extremely proud of him, as he recently completed his degree in psychology from York University. Outside of work he can be found spending time with friends, playing video games, and watching hockey - Go Leafs!


Daren started working with us in June 2019. He has many years of Landscaping and maintenance experience and has the skills to handle all types of jobs for us.

He also serves as our resident equipment maintenance manager.


Barry started with us in May 2019, and comes with several decades of experience in the lawn and garden industry. He’s a hard working veteran with a lot to offer.