Spring and Fall Cleanup in Leaside, East York and Midtown Toronto

Spring Cleanup

A winter in Toronto can definitely take its toll on your property. Once the snow melts, a giant mess is all that's left. Let us take care of winter's aftermath for you with our spring cleanup service. Our pay-for-what-you-need options include:

  • Property thoroughly cleaned of debris and bagged using paper waste bags for city collection, including twigs and branches
  • Full raking of lawn
  • Edging of garden beds and turning of soil
  • Pruning perennials, shrubs and hedges
Fall Cleanup

Did you know there's a few things that should be done to your property to prepare for the long, cold winter ahead? Contact Kutting Krew to:

  • Collect and bag your leaves using rakes a blowers - we'll leave your property looking spotless
  • Give your lawn a final cut
  • Cut back perennials

Excited for Spring 2019?

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