Lawn Mowing

Grass Cutting

Weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing in Leaside, East York and Midtown Toronto. 

All of our cuts come with professional trimming and blowing to create a clean and fresh look. 

Vacation Cuts

Going on a trip? Ask us about vacation cuts!

Lawn Care

Organic Weed Control

We care about you, your lawn, the environment, your kids, and your pets, which is why we use a highly effective, homemade, organic weed treatment to treat the weeds that are growing in and around your lawn - without harming the plants you wish to keep!

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Just like our weed treatment, we only use family and animal safe organic fertilizer. We suggest at least two applications of fertilizer (spring and fall), but the ideal amount of applications is between four and five. 

Installation and Repairs

Sod Installation

There are countless reasons to lay new sod, but two of the most common in Toronto are to replace lawn damage caused by raccoons and lousy lawns barely surviving due to clay soil.

Whatever the case may be, our experienced "Krew" will set you up with a top-quality, lush, green lawn in no time!


Topdressing and Overseeding

Overseeding is the process of adding grass seed overtop of your existing lawn, along with an organic topdressing. This is done to fill bare patches, and create an overall full look to your lawn. Get a quote for this service in the early spring or fall. 

Lawn Aerating

Aerating your lawn heals any areas where the soil may have become too compacted, which prevents the circulation of vital nutrients, such as water and air. This is done in either the spring or fall.