Typically, we'll carefully identify the weeds in your garden bed and hand pick 'em straight from the root, but in some very rare cases we may resort to using an organic weed spray. We deem no job too big or small!

Cultivating and Edging

When we make a visit to your garden, we're able to turn your soil with a cultivator, given it a fresh look and allowing nutrients to circulate. We'll also give the bed a crisp edge, impacting the appearance, as well as preventing grass from growing into the bed itself.

Arrangement and Planting

Does your property need a bit of sprucing up? We have a knack for creating visually appealing garden arrangements. Whether you pick out your own products, or we do it for you, we'll definitely do the digging and get them planted in style.


So, you want to put in a hot tub, but there's a beautiful small blue spruce planted right where you want to install it that you would love to keep. What should you do? Give us a call! We'll come take a look and see about transplanting any small tree, shrub, hedge, plant onto any other location on your property.

Hedge Pruning

We offer one of, if not the best hedge pruning service in Toronto. Garrett, who has been with Kutting Krew for a decade, treats hedge pruning like an art. If you want your hedges to be the talk of the neighbourhood, trust us for all of your hedging needs.

Hedge Pruning Toronto