We Know You Have Many Choices When It Comes To Landscaping In Toronto

But visiting our site and perusing our services is your first step towards choosing the company that provides the best value and quality.

Grass Cutting

Vacation Grass Cutting

Schedule short term grass cuts while on vacation.

Garden Maintenance

We offer garden maintenance services that can be set up on a biweekly, triweekly or monthly schedule. One time jobs can also be arranged! A big clean up prior to a party or selling your house is very popular. Garden services may include:

Organic Lawn Fertilizer and treatments

We offer simple complete organic programs to keep lawns healthy.

Lawn Seeding and Repairs

We can help thicken or repair weak and dead patches in your lawn.

Adding new soil

Adding new soil and soil amendments, and planting good quality grass seed along with rigorous watering, will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted!

Sod Installation

New sod is an instant way to get a perfect pristine lawn!

Many people choose this option to replace sections of lawn damaged by drought, winter damage, wear and tear, insect damage or replacement after renovations. There are numerous benefits to having good turf, including:

Lawn Aeration

Aeration allows moisture, air and vital nutrients to penetrate the soil and roots quickly and more easily and improving the overall health of the lawn.